• Undercover Secretary (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Cadence has been sent in under cover to apply for a job with a small business that appears to be dabbling in illegal trading. Finding the office empty on arrival, Cadence begins searching through drawers, only to be surprised by the owner Dominic who wants to know what the hell she is doing. She tries to pass it off as getting a head start on the business ready for her upcoming interview, but Dominic is suspicious. He says he is going to tie her up and gag her while he investigates who she is. Rather than attempt to leave, Cadence succumbs to this treatment in the interests of securing the job and digging deeper into this man's affairs. He leaves her bound and gagged for several hours, and when he returns, he says that she seems okay at first appraisal, and he lets her go, telling her to report for work early the next morning. Overnight, he finds out a little more about Cadence, and when she shows up for work, he ties her up again and leaves her secured in a hogtie on the floor, gagged once again. Cadence realizes she is in trouble and must escape, but the ropes holding her are so tight. (These sequences were originally part of the trilogy "The Binder's Apprentice").

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Undercover Secretary (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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