• The Flight Attendant (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Jasmine is arriving home after a week on duty, still wearing her flight attendant's uniform. As she opens her front door, a man runs up seemingly from nowhere. He speaks to her as if she knows who he is, and then she remembers that he was a passenger on the flight that landed that morning. Surprised and concerned, Jasmine asks what he is doing here. He admits that he followed her home because she was so nice to him on the flight. Jasmine explains that she was just doing her job, but the man seems to think they had a special connection. Getting a bit annoyed now, Jasmine tells the man he needs to leave, but he won't go. Before she can get into her house, the man grabs her, putting a hand over her mouth to stop her talking.

He now has Jasmine tied to a metal bed, still wearing her uniform. Her wrists and ankles are tied to the corners of the bed frame. She is trying to explain to the man that she was just being friendly for her job and it doesn't mean anything, but he doesn't want to hear this. He pushes a cloth into Jasmine mouth and applies a duct tape gag, then begins groping her, telling her she will come around in time. When he hears a vehicle outside, the man goes to investigate, and in his absence, Jasmine struggles in an attempt to free herself, but she does not succeed.

Later, the man has her tied to a chair. Jasmine has decided on a new tactic and plays along, pretending she is interested in this nutter, hoping he will free her. Instead, he adds a cleave gag to keep her quiet while he is away sorting out his affairs so that he can stay here with Jasmine for as long as it takes. Once again, Jasmine struggles to get free after he leaves her alone, but there are so many ropes and they are so tight.

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The Flight Attendant (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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