• The Interrogation Of Agent Jasmine (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Agent Jasmine has been sent to investigate the nefarious activities of a group of criminals, but she is careless and gets herself caught. We join her where she is already tied to a chair. The bad guy enters to interrogate her, but she is an old hand at this and is not intimidated by his threats. He decides to make things a little more uncomfortable for his prisoner and pours cold water over her head, making her choke. When this doesn't work, he makes her remove her clothes (not shown) and ties her standing up. Bound while wearing only her bra and panties, Agent Jasmine is now more vulnerable, but still refuses to give up any information. Her interrogator uses a stun gun in an effort to loosen her tongue, shocking her over and over again until she finally passes out, hanging limp from the rope binding her wrists.

Later, Jasmine is secured to a bed with handcuffs and shackles, and her interrogator, now frustrated by her continued defiance, grabs her around the throat and starts to choke her. When she still refuses to divulge any information, he gives up on her and explains that there is a bomb upstairs in the house, and it is counting down to an explosion that will put an end to her. He departs, leaving Jasmine in what seems to be an impossible situation. Jasmine is nothing if not resourceful, and soon stands a chance of escaping before the bomb detonates.

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The Interrogation Of Agent Jasmine (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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