• Searching For Evidence (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Cadence is a private investigator who is tracking bitcoin fraud and goes to a house where she thinks one of the fraudsters may live. She pretends to be a real estate agent offering a free evaluation of the house to gain entry. The man at home lets her in after telling him her cover story and she asks to take photos around house to help evaluate. She gets her phone out to pretends to take pictures when the man grabs her from behind, pins her arms and hand-gags her tightly. He was suspicious of her story and contacted the real estate company she claimed to represent, and they have denied knowing her. The man orders Cadence to strip down to her underwear to make sure she is not hiding anything. Cadence strips onscreen until she is just wearing her bra and panties, and is then tied standing against a pole with tape and rope. He asks what she was snooping around for. Cadence ignores the question and tells him he is a scumbag lowlife who is going to jail for a long time. He places a cloth in her mouth and wraps microfoam tape over her mouth and around the back of the pole.

The man says he has special plans for her, that someone will pay plenty of bitcoin for her. He feels inside her bra and finds the flash drive so stole, saying: "So,  you know about my little scam. Shame no one else will. Your buyer will be here soon, so time to make you ready for transport. Cadence is now hogtied on the floor with rope, and her bra has been loosened to expose her breasts. Cadence tells him to get fucked and promises to put his ass in jail as soon as she can, but he only laughs again and tells her the client doesn't like that kind of language. He puts a cloth in her mouth and gags her with a knotted cleave gag. Now all she can do is wait for the transport to collect her. She does not have to wait for long.

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Searching For Evidence (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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