• Reunion Peril (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Cadence Lux

Jasmine is expecting Cadence, an old school friend, and they are planning to go out to dinner and a night club. Their plans go awry while Jasmine is getting ready, when a man enters the house and says he needs some place to hide. When Jasmine's phone rings, he instructs her to get rid of the caller, but it's Cadence and she is already on her way. When Cadence arrives, she finds Jasmine tied to a chair and gagged. She only has time to ungag her friend before she is grabbed by the intruder. Soon, both girls are tied up side by side. While he is hiding out, the man decides to have a bit of fun with the girls, taking them to the bedroom and making them strip down to their underwear before tying them to the bed. The following morning, he is ready to depart, but not before moving the girls to the basement and tying Cadence to a chair, while Jasmine is tied standing with arms and legs apart.

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Reunion Peril (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Cadence Lux

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