• I'm Just A Little Lost (MP4) - Madison Swan

Madison is an opportunist looking for something to steal. She checks out a car in a driveway but it's locked, and decides to walk around to the back of the house to see if there might be a way into the basement of the property. Before she arrives at the back door of the house, however, a dart comes from somewhere behind her and stabs her in the butt. Madison grabs at it, sees what it is, but it's too late to take any action. The next thing she knows, she is lying on a bed, her wrists and ankles locked in cuffs. Soon, the occupant of the house arrives and wants to know exactly what she was doing on his land. Madison tries to play dumb, saying she was lost and seeking help, but the man does not buy her excuse. He suspects there is more to her visit than she is letting on, and he is determined to make her tell him why she is really there. He tells her he will keep her tied up until she tells him the truth, but Madison still insists that she has no idea what he is talking about. So begins a series of Madison in different restraints, ranging from cuffs to plastic cuffs to ropes. She experiences both tape and cleave gags between times when she is just left to sit in bondage and think about her answers.

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I'm Just A Little Lost (MP4) - Madison Swan

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