• The Diplomat's Secretary (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

Carissa finds herself tied to a bed, with no recollection of how she came to be there. There had been a fancy reception at an ambassador's house last night, but she remembered very little after the first drink. She struggles in an effort to free herself, but the rope binding her wrists is well secured and will not move. After a while, a man she doesn't know enters the room. He tells Carissa that she has been 'acquired' by the secret services of his country, as a bargaining chip - she will be held until her boss, a top diplomat, passes sensitive information to the 'enemy'. Carissa protests that she's not important enough, but her captor suggests with a wink that her boss is not just her boss. The man takes some photographs of Carissa tied up to send to the diplomat, warning him that if he doesn't cooperate, he may never see his secretary again. When this fails to persuade the diplomat to betray his country, things escalate. Carissa is made to strip down to her underwear, then tied in a vulnerable position with her arms and legs stretched out, and once again photographed as evidence that the service mean business. Her struggles and gagged protests are filmed and sent from an untraceable device. She is again left bound while negotiations continue. When her boss continues to hold out, Carissa is stripped naked, bound and gagged, and led out to a car on a collar and chain. Secured in a hogtie in the back of the vehicle, she hears her captor tell the negotiators they have fifteen minutes to agree to his demands, or Carissa will be 'going for a one-way ride'.

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The Diplomat's Secretary (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

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