• Word Of Honor (MP4) - Madison Swan

Madison sells insurance, and the best way to hook a new client is to offer to appraise their property for free, in the hope that once they hear what their property is worth, an evaluation based solely on her word of honor, they feel it would be best to take out more insurance. That's the plan. Unfortunately, Madison misjudges the curmudgeonly old man she encounters, and lets her professional greed get in the way of common sense. When he invites her down to his basement to talk, where it is cooler, he says, she discovers a world of bondage paraphernalia and realizes how this man makes his money. She decides she had better be on her way, but he wants to tie her up and film her in bondage, so that he is the one making money out of her rather than the other way around. As a result, Madison experiences being duct taped to a pole and hogtied on a bed bound by zip ties. The video ends with a few minutes behind the scenes footage.

30 minutes 46 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,439.5 MB

Word Of Honor (MP4) - Madison Swan

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