• Bait For Bigfoot (MP4) - Tilly McReese

Wearing a sexy catsuit and high-heeled boots, Tilly sets about burgling a house, looking for things she can sell. While inside the house, she is surprised and grabbed by a man who seems to think she is there to take the credit for his discovery, and he has no intention of letting her do that. Once he has Tilly tied to a chair with plenty of rope, he warns her that she will not steal the limelight from him, that he has discovered Bigfoot in the local woods and he will be the one to collect photographic evidence of its existence. Tilly tells him he is totally fucking crazy, which earns her a cloth in her mouth and a strip of duct tape to prevent her spitting it out. The man suddenly realizes that chance has landed an opportunity in his lap; he can use this girl as bait to lure in Bigfoot. Tilly is left alone for a while, and she struggles desperately to get free and get away from this insane man. She fails.

She soon finds herself stripped down to her bra and panties and securely tied to a tree in the forest. The man explains that he has cameras and sensors all around, so he will know when Bigfoot shows up. He adds that it probably doesn't like a lot of noise, so he pushes a crunched up pair of pantyhose into Tilly's mouth and secures them there with a knotted cleave gag. He departs, but is still able to hear the girl making noise, so he returns with a roll of duct tape and wraps it around Tilly's head and the tree, immobilizing her head. The sounds she is making are greatly cured now, and satisfied, the man retreats to await the arrival of his illusive prize. Again, Tilly struggles, but the ropes are so securely tied that she can't loosen them at all. Then, she hears a sound in the woods. Something is there, and it is coming closer. Could the crazy old bastard have been right after all?

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Bait For Bigfoot (MP4) - Tilly McReese

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