• Pizza Girl and Her Guilty Secret (MP4) - Alba Zevon

1. Pizza Girl
Alba works delivery pizzas, and she is finding that her sexy new outfit is a hit with the customers because orders are up since she began wearing it. She delivers a pizza to customer Raimondo and collects payment, then moves on to the next customer on her list, James. Before she arrives, he is watching bondage porn on his computer. When he answers the door and sees this gorgeous girl standing there, he decides to make his fantasies into reality. He pretends to go in search of money to pay Alba, inviting her in from the cold while he searches. While she is distracted, he sneaks up behind her and handbags her, embracing her body and arms. He makes her kneel down and then begins tying her up. Alba wants to know why he is doing this to her, but he doesn't even try to explain. He soon has Alba securely bound and gagged, then relaxes to eat his pizza in front of her. When James goes off to the pub, Alba works on trying to get free. She almost succeeds, but James returns just in time to catch her. He now secures her to a chair, making sure she won't get loose again. Even so, Alba does her best to reach James' land line phone to call for help, but once again he stops her. Keeping a girl prisoner is a little harder than he thought.

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2. Her Guilty Secret
Alba is on a date with a new boyfriend James. She feels like she recognizes him from somewhere, but he claims they have never met before. They sit on the sofa together, and Alba asks him if he would like a drink. James moves closer to her, and Alba leans away slightly. After a while James admits that he does in fact remember Alba. He says he used to be a cameraman for a fetish producer, and he recalls Alba starring in a bondage movie years before. Alba looks horrified. She thought that movie had vanished forever and would not come back to haunt her, but this person knows all about it, and apparently has a copy. Alba begs him not to show anyone the video, and James says he will agree if Alba allows him to tie her up. When she replies that she can't risk letting him do that, James stands up and walks to the door, mentioning that he will show it around at the hospital where she works. Realizing she has no choice, Alba agrees that he can tie her up, but she warns him not to do it too tightly, or for too long.

Once James has Alba bound, he has no plans to let her go. He gags her to keep her quiet and leaves her alone for a while. Alba can't get out of the tight ropes but does her best to escape, trying to get down a flight of stairs while tied up, her heels making the descent dangerous. She does not get far before James catches her and picks her up. He realizes he will have to make a better job of confining his prize. He hogties Alba down in his basement, placing her inside a wire cage to make sure she can't wriggle her way out of the room. To make absolutely sure, he has installed a small camera, and once he is upstairs, he watches Alba struggle on his phone, smiling in satisfaction that he has the Alba Zevon from his favorite bondage movie tied up and held prisoner in his house, a fantasy come true.

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Pizza Girl and Her Guilty Secret (MP4) - Alba Zevon

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