• Showdown (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Cadence Lux

Agent Jasmine has tracked her nemesis Cadence, with whom she has a history, to her out-of-the-way crime headquarters. She explores the lair, apparently unoccupied, and finds some evidence of the villainess' presence and of criminal activity. Cadence is around, though, and sneaks up on Jasmine. Restraining her enemy, she details just how angry she is with the woman who broke up her old illegal operations and put her in jail for five years. Jasmine will pay! When she has Jasmine securely bound, she takes delight in reminding her captive of previous occasions when Jasmine was a similarly helpless prisoner. Jasmine responds by reminding her that she was always able to escape. True to form, Jasmine escapes once more when Cadence is distracted by a phone-call about a new 'opportunity' for wrong-doing, Jasmine makes another attempt to take the villainess down. A scuffle ensues but Cadence gets the upper hand. Jasmine is once more bound and gagged, with further taunting from our bad girl. Later, Cadence decides to up the humiliation factor, ordering her captive to strip and then re-tying her. Cadence triumphantly informs Agent St James of her plans to dispose of the beautiful but troublesome thorn in her side. She does not anticipate that Jasmine will escape her bonds once more and, this time, restrain Cadence and then humiliate her. Justice, it seems, is served.

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Showdown (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Cadence Lux

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