• Deciding Vote (MP4) - Monica Jade

Monica has been invited by her boss to visit his home to discuss her future at the company. Monica is confused by being taken down to the basement of the house where it seems the boss wants to have a talk with her. It turns out that Monica and work colleague Amanda are both up for the same promotion, and the board is split between them, with the boss holding the deciding vote. He lays this out for Monica before admitting that he has a predilection for seeing women tied up and gagged, and in order for her to secure his vote at the final meeting tomorrow, he asks if he can bind and gag her. Monica hesitates and is on the verge of declining when the boss points out that, if she refuses, Amanda will get the job. Left with no choice, Monica agrees to be bound. It turns out that the boss is not using ropes, however; instead, he is using zip ties which are very unforgiving. There is no hope of wriggling out of these restraints. Monica is secured to a chair and gagged with duct tape, following which the boss takes some photographs and video of her like this for his collection. She thinks the ordeal is over when he says that he wants to also put her in a hogtie using the zip ties. Monica's heart sinks, but the lure of that promotion overcomes her resistance, and soon she is face down and secured once again, this time with a bandana between her teeth to gag her.

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Deciding Vote (MP4) - Monica Jade

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