• Tying Up Hannah enhanced (MP4) - Hannah Perez

The first fifteen minutes of this clip show Hannah being tied up while she is chatting about her time in the industry and how she feels about being bound and gagged. There's plenty of humor and she is increasingly restrained and she starts wondering if she even stands a chance of getting free. When the time comes to gag her she has a choice of duct tape or ball gag, and she chooses the latter. Then the struggling begins with Hannah working hard on the ropes binding her wrists. She doesn't realize how far out of reach all the knots are and keeps working on folds in the rope that feel as if they might come undone. As an afterthought, her elbows are tied together, although not with the elbows actually touching. This makes things more difficult for her as she attempts to wriggle her wrists free but without any luck. As the time passes and it becomes clear that she can't get out, she asks if she can have a pair of scissors. Not an option, alas. In conclusion, Hannah looks straight into the camera and asks to be untied, please. She looks so cute all tied up that it is very tempting to leave her there, and just for a little while we did.

29 minutes 18 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,378.9 MB

Tying Up Hannah enhanced (MP4) - Hannah Perez

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