• I Need Some Help (MP4) - Monica Jade

Monica is on her way home from a party when her car breaks down. She goes to a nearby house to look for help, entering through the back door which stands open. She calls out to alert the occupant to her presence, unaware that he is walking up behind her. He grabs her and covers her mouth with his hand, making her sit down on a chair. He ties her up, asking her what she is doing in his house, suspicious that she is prying into his affairs. Monica insists that she just came looking for help, but the man is not buying it. He gags her with duct tape and leaves her to struggle. Convinced that she has an ulterior motive, he decides he will have to keep her prisoner, so Monica has to overnight cuffed to a bed, and next day finds herself duct taped to a pole, compelled to stand in her heels for hours at a time. What will it take to convince this man that she just came for help?

33 minutes 54 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,593.2 MB

I Need Some Help (MP4) - Monica Jade

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