• Jim's Angels and Essential Training (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Cadence Lux

1. Jim's Angels

32 minutes 08 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,593.2 MB

Jim has a new mission for his two angels, and even though it is dangerous, the girls don't hesitate for a moment to take on their mission. They are to track down and capture a criminal known only as The Fixer. After locating his hideout, the girls enter the property from different access points, hoping to get the drop on their quarry. Unfortunately, they have tripped silent alarms and The Fixer is waiting for them. He grabs Cadence first, and uses her to control Jasmine. He soon has the two girls handcuffed and tied to chairs, facing one another. He now interrogates them, trying to discover how they found him and who sent them. Neither of the angels will give up any information, despite the threats made by their captor. Finally, The Fixer announces that he has to leave for a while, but before he does, he wants to make the girls more comfortable. They end up wearing only their bra and panties and are left hogtied and gagged on a bed, chained together to make movement even more difficult. After struggling fiercely against the ropes, Jasmine manages to free herself and then unties Cadence. She uses a hair pin to pick the padlocks and free them completely. The girls get dressed and lie in wait for The Fixer to return. They are determined to complete their mission for Jim and take this guy down.

2. Essential Training

27 minutes 48 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,281.8 MB

Cadence has recently been hired by a company that insists that she undergo some hostage training, given the sensitive nature of her job. The company uses an independent contractor for this work, operated by Jasmine and her assistant Rick. Jasmine explains to Cadence that she will tie her up and train her how to escape from her bonds. Cadence looks a little uncertain, but hey, if the company trusts Jasmine and Co., then it should be alright. Once Cadence is tied up, she finds it impossible to free herself even with Jasmine's advice and encouragement. Finally, Cadence hits on a possible solution. She admits that she is more of a visual learner and would appreciate it if Jasmine could let her assistant tie her up so that she can demonstrate how to escape. Jasmine agrees and Rick ties her to a chair. It seems that her new assistant has become very adept at tying because, somewhat embarrassingly, Jasmine discovers that she can't get free. Rick suddenly notices the time and reminds her that they have another job to attend. He says he will deal with it and leave Jasmine there to demonstrate her escape techniques to Cadence. He also remembers that the victim is supposed to be gagged, and her tape each girl's mouth before leaving. Swallowing her pride, Jasmine works her way over to Cadence and unties one of the girl's wrists. After Cadence frees herself, she is in no hurry to release Jasmine. Indeed, she decides to add more rope to worsen the instructor's predicament.

Jim's Angels and Essential Training (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Cadence Lux

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