• Taking Liberties (MP4) - Sinthia Bee

Sinthia is a secretary at a construction company, and she has been trading confidential information with competitors, allowing them to buy shares in the company at discount prices. The boss has finally worked out who is responsible. Clearly, he will need to dismiss this company spy, but before he does, he decides to teach her a lesson, by keeping her tied up with zipties for the weekend. To shut her up, he also gags her with duct tape, muting the noise she makes considerably. Now he needs to get back to work to try to repair the harm Sinthia has done to his business, leaving her helpless and frustrated because she simply can't escape.

13 minutes 23 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 624.8 MB

Taking Liberties (MP4) - Sinthia Bee

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