• Card Thief (MP4) - Lara

Lara is a temping secretary who has been sent to an apartment block to do some work for a client living there. She climbs the stairs, locates the apartment and walks inside. The place seems to be empty. While she is standing there looking around in bewilderment, a masked man comes up behind her and grabs her, hand gagging her to keep her quiet. He ties Lara with ropes and gags her with duct tape. While she helplessly watches, the man goes through her bag until he finds her bank card. He demands to know the code to use it, and peels back her gag long enough for her to give hum the numbers. He is about to gag her again when she asks for water. He obliges, then gags her before departing to use a cash machine. Lara struggles to free herself in his absence, and where she can't wriggle out of the ropes, she gets down on the floor and goes in search of something to free herself. Before she can find anything, the man returns. Not happy that she has been moving around, he places her in a hogtie, pushes a cloth into her mouth and applies and over-the-mouth gag.

21 minutes 35 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,014.9 MB

Card Thief (MP4) - Lara

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