• Bianca's Challenge and Hard Won Escape (MP4) - Bianca Rose

1. Bianca's Challenge
Bianca likes to consider herself something of an escape artist, able to wriggle out of any bondage she was placed in. She was therefore securely tied to a chair and promised a financial bonus if she could escape in under 15 minutes. She struggled hard, working on the clothes line binding her wrists, and for a while it looked like she would not succeed. Surprisingly, she did manage to free her hands within the allotted time. Naturally, she expected a reward for her efforts, but instead we decided to put her in some seriously inescapable bondage in the form of heavy-duty double-loop zip ties, and invited her to escape from that. She couldn't of course, but once a cutting tool was offered, she snatched it in her mouth and managed to cut herself free.

2. Hard Won Escape
We join Bianca already trapped in a hogtie, and witness in close up as her captor applies a cleave gag to keep her quiet. He sits and snacked on a bar as Bianca struggles on the floor in front of him. Noticing that the hogtie is not holding and that she is beginning to straighten her legs, he goes to find some more rope and adds another layer, tightening her hogtie. He then departs, and in his absence Bianca struggles hard to get free. She works her way into the kitchen (no mean feat while in a hogtie) and uses her feet to open a few cupboard doors, hoping to find something she can use to cut herself free, but there is nothing useful. She realizes that knives and other sharp implements must be in the drawers above and tries so hard to reach them, but it's impossible for her to achieve. Exhausted, Bianca lies on the floor and regroups, then goes to work on the ropes holding her wrists behind her back. They're tight, but she keeps pulling and tugging until she feels a little bit of slack. She redoubles her efforts and finally manages to free her hands. She gasps with exhaustion and relief before continuing to untie the remaining ropes.

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Bianca's Challenge and Hard Won Escape (MP4) - Bianca Rose

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