• A Policewoman Calls Remastered (MP4) - Beverly Bacci

This video has been imported from the original raw data and upscaled using Topaz Video Enhanced AI. Editing and further refinement was performed in Final Cut Pro.

Officer Beverly has been dispatched to investigate the filming of bondage movies, following reports by neighbors seeing women tied up and gagged. When she calls, the man begins acting strangely as she questions him. She attempts to arrest him but soon ends up locked in her own handcuffs before being taken into the house and secured to a chair with zip ties. She is gagged with vet wrap to shut her up. Beverly struggles against her bonds but there is no way out of handcuffs and zip ties. Her only hope is to get to her radio which the perpetrator has left on the kitchen table. She inches her chair across the floor, wondering how she can possibly reach it with her hands secured behind her back and her arms attached to the chair with zip ties. Before she can solve this problem, she is discovered. Her captor decides it might be safer to put her in another room altogether. There she is secured with ropes, still wearing her handcuffs. She manages to wriggle out of the ropes binding her legs and attempts to get away, but as soon as she passes through the door, her captor intercepts her.

Beverly must now remove her pantyhose and blindfold herself with them, before being told to lie face down on the floor. Here, she is rendered immobile again as her captor puts her in a tight hogtie. Left alone once more, Beverly struggles long and hard to work her way across the room, making a renewed attempt to recover her radio. When it becomes clear to her that she won't be able to stand up to reach it, she turns her attention to her ropes. It takes her a long time, but she does succeed in untying her feet. However, she simply cannot free her wrists and has no choice but to make another escape attempt with her hands still tied behind her back.

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A Policewoman Calls Remastered (MP4) - Beverly Bacci

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