• If Only She Could Reach (MP4) - Jessica

Jessica has been taken prisoner by a man who needs to keep her out of the way for a few days. He has her tied to a chair and is about to gag her to make sure she doesn't starting screaming for help after he departs. Just to torment her, he decides to leave her phone on a nearby table, first disabling the location app to ensure she can't be easily tracked. Finally alone, Jessica tries to free herself from the ropes but there are many of them with overlapping knots,  and she is unable to make any progress. Her phone flashes whenever she gets and text or a phone call, and this prompts her to try to reach the phone to call for help. She finds it hard to move the chair, but little by little she closes in on the table. She desperately attempts to reach round with her right hand, but there is no hope of reaching the phone. As she sits there, it starts flashing as a call comes in. If only she could reach it.

17 minutes 41 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 828.9 MB

If Only She Could Reach (MP4) - Jessica

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