• I Must Keep You Here (MP4) - Jessica

Jessica is waiting for her boyfriend to come and collect her so that they can go out for the evening. She can't believe it when someone else shows up knowing all about her arrangements. She is confused when he says that he boyfriend sent him to keep her from going out, and to make sure she doesn't make a break for it, he is going to tie her up. She protests but she can't prevent it happening. Soon, she is hogtied on a bench, unable to get free and unable to get down onto the floor. Her captor duct tapes her mouth to keep her quiet, then places her phone in front of her face to torment her. Jessica struggles to free herself but it's no good; the ropes are too well tied.

When the situation drags on longer than expected, the man says he has to get going. Before he departs though, he promises to secure Jessica more thoroughly, and at least leave her in a laying position. She is secured to a bed with zip ties on her wrists and ankles, and again she is gagged with tape to prevent her calling out for help. She struggles against the zip ties but there is no way to get out of those. She is trapped. To make things worse, the man has left her phone on a nearby chair, and she can see it flashing periodically to let her know that a new text or phone call is coming in, but it's impossible for her to reach it. She will just have to wait until someone finds her and cuts her free.

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I Must Keep You Here (MP4) - Jessica

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