• Up In The Air (MP4) - Violet

Wandering in the woods and completely lost after trying to find a short cut to a friend's house, Violet stumbles across a man who clearly did not want to be found. Indeed, he is so concerned that she might tell others where he is that he decides he cannot allow her to leave. He makes her enter his basement where he ties her wrists together behind her back and tells her to lie down on a bed. Violet feels her bound legs raised into the air as a rope passing through a loop on the ceiling is pulled tight, leaving her unable to get off the bed and escape. To shut her up, the man duct tapes her mouth and leaves her in this uncomfortable predicament. How long will she be left like this? It's anyone's guess, but almost certainly a long time.

16 minutes 42 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 787.1 MB

Up In The Air (MP4) - Violet

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