• She Didn't Know When To Quit (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Cadence is an investigative reporter trying to collect conclusive evidence to put a criminal away. She manages to access his home and his personal office, and begins snooping, trying to access incriminating documents. She is unaware that her presence has been detected, and she is grabbed from behind and overpowered by the very man she's trying to have sent down. She soon finds herself bound with duct tape, binding her wrists, arms, thighs and ankles. She can hardly move, and is even more alarmed when a cloth is pushed into her mouth and further duct tape is used to cover her lips. There seems to be no way out of this, at least until she spots a pair of scissors on a window ledge. After freeing herself, she makes off with several flash drives from the office.

We next see Cadence in her bedroom, reviewing the documents she acquired on her iPad. She did not anticipate that the criminal would track her and burst into the room. He takes her iPad and wants the flash drives back. He leaves Cadence hogtied on her bed, a ballgag in her mouth and a bandage wrapped around her head to make sure she can't call out for help.

Eventually, Cadence frees herself and, the next day, returns to the criminals house, entering through the basement door where she takes photographs of all the women's clothes he has there. His activities crystalize for Cadence who knows that she now has all the evidence she needs. As she is about to leave, however, the criminal catches her again. This time, he secures her with zip ties, pulled tight on her wrists and legs, and even wrapped around her body, pinning her arms. Cadence is again gagged with a cloth in the mouth, but this time the duct tape is wrapped all the way around her head, making it impossible to remove. The man has called a colleague and a van will soon arrive to haul Cadence away, after which she should not be any more trouble.

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She Didn't Know When To Quit (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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