• Failed Inspection Remastered (MP4) - Anna Lee

Anna is an inspector for the Planning & Building Standards Department. Her job today is to inspect an extension to a commercial property, but instead of good workmanship, she finds that the contractor has been cutting corners to save money. She is on her phone reporting that she won't be able to approve the work, but before she can say anything more, a masked man comes up behind her and presses a cloth over her mouth. Anna struggles, dropping her note book and cellphone as she slips away and slides to the floor. The masked man drags her over to the wall and secures her wrists together behind one of the studs using a zip tie. He ties her body to the stud, then binds her ankles together. Anna comes around and starts to object, her mind still foggy so she hardly seems to know what is happening. Her assailant says that they will be filling a foundation hole with concrete later that day, and that Anna will be in it. He leaves her alone, and after her initial, futile struggles to get her wrists out of the zip tie, she uses her feet to pull on a drop cloth upon which her cellphone landed. She slowly pulls the phone towards her, but can't reach it. She keeps working the phone closer with her feet and finally gets it close enough for her fingers to reach. Now if she can only punch in 911 and get someone to hear her through the layers of gorilla duct tape sealing her mouth...

15 minutes 42 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 738.8 MB

Failed Inspection Remastered (MP4) - Anna Lee

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