• Bad Loser (MP4) - Alba Zevon and Samantha

Alba and Samantha both working at the same company, and they are both applying for a promotion. However, there is only one promotion available. Worried that Alba has an advantage over her, Samantha decides to shift the odds in her favor. She grabs Alba and ties her to a chair, then steals Alba's interview notes. As the only candidate, Samantha feels she is sure to get the promotion now. Just as she is leaving Alba's apartment, however, she runs into Tony, Alba's boyfriend. He pushes his way in and finds Abla bound and gag, immediately demanding to know what is going on. Samantha explains that she desperately needs the promotion at work, but fears that Alba would get it instead if she attended the interview. Tony looks over Alba's notes and decides that this promotion really is worth having. On the spur of the moment, he grabs Samantha and ties her up next to Alba. Now he is in big trouble with his girlfriend, but he doesn't care; he wants that promotion for himself. He leaves the girls tightly bound and departs for the office. Alba and Samantha struggle independently for a while, then Samantha suggests, through her gag, that Alba untie her, and she in turn will free Alba, and they'll both go into work and report Tony. Alba agrees and frees Samantha, only to have Samantha turn on her again. Before she leaves, she decides to make Alba even more uncomfortable by placing her in a tight hogtie on the floor. With a cloth stuffed into her mouth, Alba struggles as Samantha ties a gag over her mouth, then goes off in pursuit of Tony. Alba, feeling throughly cheated by both of her colleagues, struggles helplessly on the floor.

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Bad Loser (MP4) - Alba Zevon and Samantha

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