• Please Give Me My Job Back enhanced (MP4) - Shauna Ryanne

Shauna has been fired from her job for stealing funds. She is in big trouble. Her life is a financial mess and she badly needs to get her job back. She follows her boss home after work and confronts him, trying to appeal to his better nature, but he points out that she is a thief and that her dismissal was fully justified. Shauna pleads with him to reconsider, saying that she will do anything he wants if he will reinstate her. A minute later, she regrets her rash statement, because her boss agrees to give her another chance as long as she allows him to tie her up and gag her for a while. Anxious about what may happen to her, Shauna reluctantly agrees. The boss asks her to sit on a chair, then he ties her wrists together behind her and behind the back of the chair. She watching with growing uneasiness as he binds her waist and ankles. Now that she is immobilized, her boss unbuttons her blouse to expose her bra-covered breasts, and pulls her skirt up to reveal that she is wearing thigh high stockings. He continues to tie her up and finally gags her with microfoam tape, wrapping it around her head four times to keep her quiet. When he leaves her alone for a few minutes, Shauna works the chair across the floor to the open door and tries to attract help, but before anyone sees her, her boss returns and drags the chair back into the middle of the room. She has been trying to work the tape from her mouth, so he removes it and cleave gags her with a bandana. He warns her that if she tries anything like that again, she will never be reinstated. Trapped and silenced, Shauna can do nothing but wait for him to untie her, knowing that this might not happen for hours.

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Please Give Me My Job Back enhanced (MP4) - Shauna Ryanne

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