• The Gambler and When Will You Untie Me enhanced (MP4) - Star Nine

1. The Gambler
Star is on the phone to Pete, her boyfriend, who is asking her to lock her hands and feet in handcuffs and link them together with cord, putting her into a helpless hogtie ready for when he arrives home. Amused, Star says she will be happy to do that for him, and after ending the call she sets about complying with his wishes. We watch her get herself into inescapable bondage and begin waiting for Pete to arrive. When the front door opens and closes, Star thinks he is here, but to her surprise it is a man she has never met before, and he is carrying a camera in his hand. "Well, well, well", he says, "Pete said you were game for this. You're quite something." Star cannot believe what is happening and doesn't understand the situation at first, but then it all becomes clear as the man says that Pete has been gambling and has got himself deep into debt, and now he cannot pay. Pete, it seems, suggested that his girlfriend might help him out with a bit of fetish work.

2. When Will You Untie Me?
Star has been acting as a diamond smuggler for a few months, but recently a few stones appear to have gone missing. The boss suspects the new girl, but of course she denies knowing anything about this. Tied to a chair, she listens as the boss speculates about her stealing from him, and he tells her he will keep her tied up until she owns up to the truth. Star responds that this is ridiculous, that someone else must be stealing the gems, but the boss is not convinced. He doesn't want to listen to Star protesting her innocence so he pushes a ball gag into her mouth and tightens the strap to stop her talking. He sees no harm in having a little fun while the girl is tied up, so he reaches over and unbuttons her blouse, unhooks her bra and lifts it over her head to expose her breasts. He then makes fun of her for drooling on herself. He leaves her to sit there, knowing that she won't be untied for hours. Star struggles against the ropes holding her, but they are tight and she can't escape.

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The Gambler and When Will You Untie Me enhanced (MP4) - Star Nine

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