• The Evidence Speaks For Itself complete (MP4) -  Vonka Romanov and Syenite

Vonka is a private detective hired to collect evidence of Syenite's infidelity. When Vonka confronts her with photographic and video evidence of her affair, Syenite realizes that she is in trouble. Imagine her surprise when Vonka says that there might be a way out of her predicament. Whatever she reports to Syenite's husband, she will get paid for her work, so Vonka proposes telling him that she found no evidence that Syenite had strayed. In return, however, Syenite must agree to letting Vonka have some fun with her, in the form of tying her up and gagging her. Syenite is clearly uneasy about this idea, but she also recognizes that it is the best solution for her, going forward. Reluctantly, she agrees to let Vonka bind and gag her. Once Vonka has the girl restrained, it soon becomes clear that she has no intention of letting her victim go any time soon.

Still exploiting the situation where Syenite has to do exactly what she wants or her life will be ruined, Vonka tells the girl to strip in front of her, leaving her embarrassed and trying to cover herself with her hands. Vonka mercilessly pulls Syenite's arms behind her back, tying her wrists together. She then makes Syenite get down on the floor so that she can tie the girl's ankles, added a chest harness and still more rope to place her victim in a hogtie. Vonka finishes the job by applying a tape gag to cover Syenite's mouth before leaving the poor naked girl to struggle helplessly, unable to get free.

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The Evidence Speaks For Itself complete (MP4) - Vonka Romanov and Syenite

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