• Edge Of Legality (MP4) - Rachel Adams

Unorthodox private investigator Rachel Adams is well known for her techniques which often involve her working at the very edge of legality, and sometimes a little beyond. On this occasion, she has entered the property of a man she suspects of smuggling gemstones, without permission. She conducts a less-than-legal search looking for evidence of his criminal activities, and finds it in the form of a tablet hidden in a drawer, full of information about his dealings. Rachel is on her way out with the tablet when she is grabbed, a hand clamped over her mouth. She struggles, hoping to break free, but she soon finds herself in a strappado tie in the basement of the man's house, and has a large ballgag pushed into her mouth. Her captor stays for a while to taunt her before leaving her to struggle.

Later, he returns to retrieve her, making her change into a seductive leather outfit to make her more appealing to his criminal colleagues who will be arriving later, to have fun and then decide what to do with her. Rachel is now tied to a chair and cleave gagged. Her hair is tied and attached to his wrists so that she pulls her own hair each time she struggles. While her captor likes this look, he feels it might be even better if Rachel were made to strip and have her tied, spreadeagled on a bed. Rachel struggles against this but can't stop ropes being secured to her wrists and ankles, compelling her to lay with her legs wide apart. To keep her quiet, the criminal inserts a bit gag into her mouth and tightens the strap at the back of her neck. He departs to meet his visitors, leaving Rachel exposed and vulnerable and ready for their attentions.

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Edge Of Legality (MP4) - Rachel Adams

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