• Send The Police (MP4) - Madison Swan

Madison is on the phone to the police to report a man who is trespassing on her property and cutting down trees. She is obviously upset about this and asks for some police officers to come to her home as soon as possible. She warns that she will probably have left for work before they arrive. Just as she is setting out of her front door, the man from the woods barges his way in and grabs her. Madison quickly finds herself hogtied in her own bedroom, and gagged with duct tape. The man says the police have already spoken to him, and he seems amused by her attempts to have him arrested. He slaps Madison on the butt, something she cannot stop him doing in her current predicament, before he departs to carry on with cutting down her trees. Madison struggles desperately, but the ropes are well tied and she cannot wriggle free.

13 minutes 30 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 632.7 MB

Send The Police (MP4) - Madison Swan

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