• Captive In Tape (MP4) - Rachel Adams

Rachel is relaxing at home when a masked man enters her house and sneaks up behind her. He grabs her, duct tapes her wrists together behind her back and gags her. He further wraps tape around her body, pinning her arms to her sides. Planning to take her away with him to his basement where he can have fun with her, the intruder goes to position his car for easy access when loading her into it. In his brief absence, Rachel remembers an old flip phone she has in the kitchen which is still working. She using the kitchen counter to peel the tape from her mouth and manages to key in 911. She is in the process of asking for help when the intruder returns and grabs her again. He pushes a cloth into her mouth and gags her with duct tape once more, before marching her out to his vehicle. He sits her on the edge of the trunk to duct tape her ankles and thighs together before pushing her inside. Rachel squirms and protests as the trunk is closed on her.

After a long journey, the car stops moving and Rachel is lifted from the trunk. She is carried over the man's shoulder to the back of his house and inside through its basement door. Rachel is seated on a chair and the man departs to find some more duct tape. In his absence, she hops to the door and tries to escape, but he comes back in time to stop her. While he searches for more tape, he shuts her inside his storage cupboard. Rachel quickly tries the cupboard door and finds it unlocked, so she hops out into the basement. She spots a pair of scissors resting on a box and lowers herself to the floor to reach them. She is in the act of trying to cut the tape binding her ankles when she is caught in the act once more. The man now has more tape and secures her to a chair to stop her moving around. Soon after he leaves, however, Rachel begins sliding the chair towards the door, determined to escape whatever it takes.

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Captive In Tape (MP4) - Rachel Adams

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