• You Ruined My Plans (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

Carissa arrives home after a long day at work and is looking forward to relaxing. Unfortunately, she finds a man in her house in the process of relieving her of her valuables. He is very annoyed that she has ruined his plans to get away with her goods without being seen by anyone. Now that he has to deal with her, he decides to make the best of the situation. First of all, he decides to make her undress so that she experiences the embarrassment and humiliation of being naked. Next, he secures her wrists and ankles with plastic cuffs and gags her before finishing off the task of robbing her. He comes back after a few minutes, having found a zip tie which he used to put Carissa in a very uncomfortable hogtie.

Before he finally departs, he takes pity on her and transfers her to her bedroom where she is tied in a spreadeagled position, dispensing with any final traces of modesty. He tape gags her just to make sure she can't shout out and alert any neighbors to her predicament, giving him plenty of time to get far away from the scene of his crime. After he leaves the room, Carissa struggles, trying to peel the tape from her mouth so that she can scream, but she can't quite reach.

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You Ruined My Plans (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

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