• Day Of Reckoning (MP4) - Lydia Lael

Five years ago, Lydia served on a jury that sent a criminal named Asher to prison for life. Now he has escaped, and he is out for revenge. When Lydia answers the door to him, he grabs her and ties her up, wrists and ankles. while he goes to find more rope, Lydia tries to hop out of the house to get away, but Asher catches her and carries her back, this time securing her to a chair. He gags her and decides to have a look around her house, hoping to find some money. Lydia struggles in his absence but she cannot free herself from her bonds. After a while, Asher decides to take her to a place he has found to use as a hide out, far from anywhere. He frees her from the chair, leaving her wrists and ankles bound and the gag still in her mouth, then carries her to his car. He drives her while she complains and kicks the back of his seat, angering him. Finally at Asher's hideaway, Lydia is tossed onto a bed and hogtied, this time gagged with some duct tape. Asher leaves the room, telling Lydia he plans to hold her prisoner for as long as he was locked up... five years!

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Day Of Reckoning (MP4) - Lydia Lael

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