• The Detective's Mistake (MP4) - Madison Swan

Madison has been sent to bring in a man who has been subpoena'd to testify in a fraud case, but he has failed to show up in court. Rather than just arrest him, it is hoped that Detective Swan can persuade the man to come with her voluntarily. Afraid for his life, however, the man has no intention of going anywhere. He gets the drop on Madison and makes her handcuff herself with her own cuffs, then tells her to sit on a chair. He secures the cuffs to the chair with a zip tie, then anchors Madison's legs with further ties, rendering her helpless. To stop he protesting, he gags her with a roll of vet wrap and leaves her to sit and squirm. How long will it be before the station sends backup to help her?

15 minutes 24 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 722.5 MB

The Detective's Mistake (MP4) - Madison Swan

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