• Grain Of Truth (MP4) - Lydia Lael

Lydia receives an unexpected caller in the form of Asher, a man she has recently fired from his job at the company where she is the head of human resources. His dismissal came about because pornographic material was discovered on his work computer, but he claims that it was planted by someone who wanted to get rid of him. He demands that Lydia find a way to uncover the truth and get him reinstated, but she insists that without further evidence to support his claim, there is nothing she can do. Asher does not take this well and decides to tie up Lydia and keep her restrained until she finds a way to reinstate him. Once he has her secured, he enjoys himself by groping her, despite her protestations. Ultimately, Lydia agrees to have someone look into Asher's case, and he makes her call someone from the office and ask them to take on the task. Her work colleague says she can see no way forward with the case and refuses to help, leaving Lydia in a serious predicament with a man who intends to keep her bound and gagged until she finds a solution to his problem.

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Grain Of Truth (MP4) - Lydia Lael

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