• Shoplifter and Staged Break-In enhanced (MP4) - Becca

1. Shoplifter
Becca has been caught shoplifting from a store, intercepted by security as she tries to leave without paying. The guard says that he should just who ahead and call the police, which is his duty, but clearly Becca does not want that to happen. She asks the man to let her off, but because this is not her first offense, he does not see that as an option. In his view, she needs to be punished to curb her criminal tendencies. Instead of involving the police, the guard says, he can offer her an alternative form of punishment. Becca seems guardedly optimistic until she learns what he has it mind, which is tying to the chair she is sitting on for the rest of the afternoon, until she store closes at six. Becca is very reluctant to go along with this so the guard starts to call the police. She quickly stops him, knowing that she may go to jail this time. Reluctantly, she agreed to the guard's terms, and watching in consternation as he attaches her to the chair using police issue plastic cuffs. Things get even more snug when he adds a few long zip ties to further restrict her movements. Ostensibly to prevent her calling out and disturbing any patrons in the store, the guard decides he should gag her with duct tape. Becca doesn't think this is necessary, but at this stage she does not exactly have a choice. Becca has no choice other than sit there in tight restraints without a hope of getting out of them unaided. It seems like an eternity but the store finally closes and the security guard returns. Much to Becca's alarm, he tells her that he has changed his mind, that her punishment is not yet complete. As he removes the cuffs, he says she will be spending the night tied up on the staff cot. When Becca starts to object, she is again reminded that the police may just as easily be called now as earlier, so with a mixture of reluctance and trepidation, Becca allows herself to be placed in a hogtie on the bed. Before the security guard leaves for the night, he gags the girl with duct tape again, this time sticking on three layers to ensure she can't possibly make enough noise to alert anyone who may be passing the store front during the night.

2. Staged Break-In
Becca has been caught embezzling funds from work and she is expected her boss to visit her to demand the money back, and if she can't pay up he will call the authorities and have her arrested. The main issue is that Becca has already spent the money! Desperate to find a way out of her predicament, she has been reading up on a series of burglaries in the area where women are left naked and tied up while the thief makes off with their money and valuables. She has the idea that if she can stage a robbery where she is made such a vulnerable victim, maybe her boss will have some compassion for her and not pursue criminal charges. It's also a way to avoid paying back the money if it appears to have been stolen. To make this look authentic, she is going to need help. She calls a friend and tells him what she has done, asking him not to judge her, and wants to know if he will come over and tie her up to make it look like she has been robbed. He agrees and says he will be there soon. In the meantime, Becca runs around the house finding various things her friend may use to tie her up. She then scatters her clothes through the house to make it look like she was made to strip, so that when her friend arrives, he finds her naked. After getting over the initial shock, he gags and blindfolds her with duct tape, binds her wrists and ankles with electrical flex, applies rope to put her in a hogtie, and finally secures her elbows with a man's tie. He departs since he must be out of the way when her boss comes calling. The only real flaw in Becca's plan is that her friend accidentally locks the door on his way out, so when her boss arrives he can't get in. After knocking repeatedly and try the door handle, he leaves, assuming Becca is not at home. She struggles with her bonds but can't escape! What is she going to do now?

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Shoplifter and Staged Break-In enhanced (MP4) - Becca

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