• Discovery Of Malfeasance (Parts 1 and 2 together) (MP4) - Vonka Romanov and Sinthia Bee

Vonka and Sinthia share an office but work for different bosses. Sinthia has gone home for the day but has forgotten her phone. When it vibrates, Vonka mistakenly picks it up, thinking it hers, and sees a text message that surprises her. A moment later, Sinthia's boss walks in and catches her looking at her phone. He realizes at once that Vonka now knows more about his business than she should, and he has no choice but to take her out of circulation. In the recreation area of the building, he ties Vonka to a chair and gags her, then summons Sinthia to answer for her carelessness in leaving her phone at work. Sinthia tries to shrug it off but her boss is far from happy. He decides that Sinthia will have to be dealt with too and ties her to a chair next to Vonka. After he leaves, the women have a choice - help one another out of this predicament or just stay tied up and hope for the best. They finally decide to cooperate, or so it appears at first.

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After Sinthia leaves Vonka still bound and gagged and tries to escape, she finds herself intercepted by her boss who decides to hogtie both the girls on the floor, cleave gagging them to shut them up. After he departs, Sinthia suggests they try to free themselves again. Having been betrayed once, Vonka is not so keen on the idea and insists on being to one who is untied first. Sinthia has to go along with her wishes, and sure enough, once Vonka is free, she abandons Sinthia to her fate. She has no more luck getting away than her co-worker, however, and soon both of them are again tied to chairs, this time blindfolded. After some acerbic back and forth, they finally agree to help one another. It's not so easy this time though; the ropes are much tighter and the knots far harder to reach. The girls are in even more trouble than they feared.

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Discovery Of Malfeasance (Parts 1 and 2 together) (MP4) - Vonka Romanov and Sinthia Bee

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