• Walking In On A Burglar (MP4) - Lady Lazarus

Sarah (Lady Lazarus) arrives home and is immediately grabbed and tied up by an intruder. He hogties her on the floor and gags her with duct tape while he goes off in search of her valuables. In his absence, Sarah works her way into the kitchen where she knows she has left a pair of scissors on the counter. It's a struggle to get there and get up on her knees to reach them, but she succeeds. She has barely started trying to cut herself free when the intruder discovers what she is up to, and he decides he will have to make her a lot more secure before he leaves to prevent her alerting the authorities. He secures her wrists and ankles with zipties, then uses more zipties to attached her to a stool, securing her angles, thighs, waist and chest to make sure she cannot get out of this situation. To prevent her calling out for help once he has gone, he cleave gags the girl and pulls the gag tight. Alone now, Sarah struggles against the zipties, but they are unforgiving and offer no hope of escaping this time.

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Walking In On A Burglar (MP4) - Lady Lazarus

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