• The Fake Hostage (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Cadence and Asher both have financial woes and discuss a way in which they might bale themselves out of debt. At work, Cadence's boss likes her a little more than he should, and she believes that if she appeared to be taken hostage and held for ransom, that he would pay up. Asher agrees to go along with this idea for a fifty-fifty split of the ransom money. He ties up Cadence so that her wrists and ankles are all secured together, then he films her looked distressed as she pleads for her boss to save her. Once the video has been recorded, Cadence decides that she ought to be able to get out of the ropes on her own, but despite trying for some minutes, she is unable to get free and is forced to ask Asher to untie her.

When her boss responds to the ransom demand, she is shocked to discover that he has refused to help. The pair believe they need to up their game and make the restraints look more threatening, so this time, Asher ties Cadence to a bed and then films her looking even more distressed. Embarrassed that she could not escape from Asher's first tie, she asks him to leave the room and let her try to get free this time. After some minutes, it becomes clear that she is trapped again, and as embarrassing as it may be, she must call out to Asher and ask him to untie her again.

Once again, her boss is not buying into the scenario the pair have created. They decide to try once more, this time using even more rope to make Cadence look particularly helpless. She is tied to a chair, very securely, and more video of her is recorded. This time, her boss responds almost at once, obviously waiting for the next demand, and he categorically says no. Asher feels that he should have gagged Cadence to add to her dilemma, and he does so with the intention of filming her again for one last ransom demand. Before he gets the chance, however, he receives a text calling him to respond to an emergency - he is a volunteer fireman - and he has to depart at once, not having the time to untie Cadence. He leaves her bound and gagged, promising to return as soon as he can. In the meantime, if she can't get free, Cadence has no choice but to sit there and wait for him to untie her yet again.

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The Fake Hostage (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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