• Keep Me Prisoner (full version) Remastered (MP4) - Hannah Perez

Hannah has always enjoyed a fantasy about being tied up and unable to escape, so she finally plucks up the courage to hire the services of a professional rigger. To put her at her ease, the rigger talks to Hannah about what is going to happen to her, then tells her to lie down on the bed. She is handcuffed to the bedframe and her ankles are secured with straps. She grows anxious as she is gagged and blindfolded, then left alone to savor the experience. Later, the rigger returns and asks her if she is ready for the next stage up. Hannah feels that she is, and after being told to take off her dress, she lies face down on the bed and is secured with some elaborate ropework which leaves her unable to rest her arms on the bed. Finally, her mouth is filled with a ball gag and she is again left to enjoy the experience. After a while, Hannah wants out and tries to attract the rigger's attention. Eventually, he comes back and admires his handiwork. He tells Hannah that she looks so good in all those ropes that he is going to leave her tied up for a while longer. With a ball gag in her mouth Hannah cannot protest. In fact, there is nothing at all that she can do about it. She finds herself being kept prisoner a little more than she bargained for.

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Keep Me Prisoner (full version) Remastered (MP4) - Hannah Perez

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