• Hannah Perez Remastered Set (MP4) - 84 minutes

1. Keep Me Prisoner (full version) Remastered
30 minutes 31 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,435.5 MB
Hannah has always enjoyed a fantasy about being tied up and unable to escape, so she finally plucks up the courage to hire the services of a professional rigger. To put her at her ease, the rigger talks to Hannah about what is going to happen to her, then tells her to lie down on the bed. She is handcuffed to the bedframe and her ankles are secured with straps. She grows anxious as she is gagged and blindfolded, then left alone to savor the experience. Later, the rigger returns and asks her if she is ready for the next stage up. Hannah feels that she is, and after being told to take off her dress, she lies face down on the bed and is secured with some elaborate ropework which leaves her unable to rest her arms on the bed. Finally, her mouth is filled with a ball gag and she is again left to enjoy the experience. After a while, Hannah wants out and tries to attract the rigger's attention. Eventually, he comes back and admires his handiwork. He tells Hannah that she looks so good in all those ropes that he is going to leave her tied up for a while longer. With a ball gag in her mouth Hannah cannot protest. In fact, there is nothing at all that she can do about it. She finds herself being kept prisoner a little more than she bargained for.

2. Taken Down A Peg Remastered
18 minutes 13 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 853.1 MB
Hannah is the wife of a peered land owner and thinks highly of herself. She never speaks to the hired help, especially not the men who work the land. However, this all changes when one of them obtains some compromising photographs of her ladyship misbehaving. He summons her to his cottage, and soon a very indignant Hannah shows up demanding to know why she has been summoned in such an inappropriate manner. When the farm worker shows her the photos he has obtained, she is mortified but does her best to bluster her way out of the situation. The farm worker is having none of it and threatens to publish the pictures for all to see unless her ladyship is willing to take her clothes off in front of him. She refuses at first, but with those pictures poised to destroy her privileged lifestyle, she has no choice but to get naked in front of this man. To make the situation even worse, he decides he wants to tie her up once she is naked. Hannah tries to resist again, but she knows she really has no choice. She allows herself to be hogtied and gagged, and even has to endure a little bit of tickling, but there is absolutely nothing she can do about it.

3. On The Take Remastered
21 minutes 18 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 999.6 MB
Hannah is a tax accountant for Dave and for several years, she has fiddled he and numerous other clients out of a lot of money. After checking the most recent payment to the IRS and comparing it to the amount Hannah told him he needed to pay, through her office, Dave is now wise to her scheme. He confronts her and she flatly denies the accusation, as he expected she would. He says he has evidence and leaves the room to get it, or so he says. Hannah awaits his return, muttering to herself that she can't wait to see this. Instead, she gets a cloth pressed over the nose and mouth. She fights and tries to cry out, but Dave is too strong for her. As her vision clouds, she slowly slips to the floor in a comatose state. While she is out, Dave binds her wrists and ankles with electrical wire, a very unforgiving restraint. He decides to put her in a hogtie just to increase her discomfort when she wakes. At last, Hannah becomes aware of her situation and immediately tries to mitigate the circumstances, but Dave is tired of her bull shit and tightens a twisted cloth around her neck until she quiets down. He then uses the cloth to gag her, and finally adds more wire to her legs, just above the knees. He tells Hannah he will leave her tied up to think things over, and when she is ready to start telling the truth, he will listen to what she has to say. In his absence, Hannah struggles desperately but the wires won't yield at all. Her only hope is on the table where a drum of electrical wire sits, surely he must have used something sharp to cut it?

4. Hannah Must Be Restrained Remastered

14 minutes 02 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 660.2 MB
Hannah has a big problem: She has tried repeatedly to stop smoking but she just doesn't have the self-discipline. In desperation, she visits her friend Dave and tells him: "At this stage I'm willing to try anything. Just tie me up." Dave is a little surprised but he agrees to help out a friend. He has her sit on a chair so that he can tie her up again. Hannah's attitude has now changed from abusive to pleading. As Dave ties her up, she begs for just one cigarette, or even just one drag. Her pleas are ignored but she won't give up, so Dave gags her once more, this time with three layers of duct tape. Firmly tied to the chair, Hannah is going nowhere and will simply have to continue with this cold turkey until her cravings subside, even if it takes a week! (This is the final scene in the longer video "Help Me Quit").

Hannah Perez Remastered Set (MP4) - 84 minutes

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