• The Profiler (MP4) - Rey

Rey works as a trainee criminal profiler for a three-letter agency. As a new recruit, she finds that her opinions are not taken very seriously, and this annoys her. When she puts forward a profile of what she believes the criminal known as James The Binder and is told to leave the serious work to the seasoned professionals, Rey decides that she will show them that she knows her job. Unknown to her colleagues, she visits a house where she believes James might be hiding out, and quickly finds evidence that he does indeed live there. She is about to go back to the agency and inform them of her success when she is grabbed from behind.
Rey soon finds herself in James' bedroom, secured with zip ties around her wrists, ankles and thighs, and cleave gagged to stop her talking. James leaves her alone for a while, and although she can't get out of the zip ties, this does not stop Rey from climbing down off the bed and scooting towards the bedroom door, determined to at least try to escape. Before she can find her way out of the room, James comes back, sees what she is trying to do, and picks her up, carrying her through to his living room where he can keep an eye on her. After a while, James removes her gag and allows Rey to drink a little water. He needs to go out, so he wants to immobilize the girl to make sure she doesn't get away. He removes the zip ties and uses rope to secure her to a chair, this time gagging her with duct tape.

After James departs, Rey sets about working on her ropes, looking for something to cut herself free. Eventually, by struggling hard, she manages to loosen the ropes just enough to slide her hands out. Now she must hurry and untie herself completely before her captor returns. Undeterred, Rey's final words suggest that she intends to bring down this bad guy, whatever it takes.

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The Profiler (MP4) - Rey

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