• Escape Is Not An Option For Sinthia (MP4) - Sinthia Bee

Sinthia is being held prisoner and her captor has her tied up on the floor in a hogtie. We join her as a cleave gag is applied to keep her quiet. After her captor leaves the room, Sinthia begins to struggle, trying to free herself from the ropes. She is not having much luck when she notices that her phone has been left over by the window on a piece of furniture. Sinthia works her way over to the phone and tries to retrieve it for several minutes before finally dragging it to the floor. She is about to make a call to summon help when her captor returns and takes the phone away.

Realizing that Sinthia has too much mobility when not attached to anything, her captor ties her to a chair. This time, she is gagged with duct tape and left alone. Again, Sinthia tries to work her way free of the ropes, but they are numerous with many, many knots, none of which are within her reach. Try as she may, Sinthia can't get out of her restraints. Escape is definitely not an option.

20 minutes 32 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 965.6 MB

Escape Is Not An Option For Sinthia (MP4) - Sinthia Bee

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