• The Witness Must Disappear (MP4) - Lara

Lara has been a witness of a crime and is under protection, but she is not at all happy about her situation. She’s complains to a friend that witness protection is very boring. She then hears three knocks at the door, the code used by the agents watching the house. Aware that she should not be using a phone, she quickly hides it under a cushion. She goes to the door and opens it cautiously, asking the man if he is a new agent. He quickly demonstrates that he is not by pushing his way into the house and hand-gagging her.

In the next scene, Lara is already tied up on the couch. The intruder tells her to stay quiet and gags her with a ball gag. He phones his partner telling him that he has the girl, and tells him to bring the van to transport her. Lara is left alone, bound, gagged and terrorized. She slides down off the couch looking for something she can use to cut the ropes. She doesn't have any luck, but then the phone rings. Hoping it will be her friend calling back. Lara tries to reach it. Alas, the intruder hears it ringing and takes it away before she can reach it. As punishment, Lara is now placed in a tight hogtie. As further precaution, her hands are wrapped in socks so that she can’t untie any knot should she be able to reach one. All that she can do is moan through her gag in frustration. Finally, the accomplice arrives. Lara is freed from the hogtie and then placed on a blanket, then rolled up in it. She mmphs desperately until finally the villains carry her out of the house on her final trip.

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The Witness Must Disappear (MP4) - Lara

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