• All In A Day's Work (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery & Vonka Romanov

Carissa runs a small business and is finding the work load a little too great for her alone. She has therefore set up an interview with a potential employee, Vonka, but she needs the girl to arrive soon because she herself is scheduled to fly out for a business meeting in about half an hour. Before Vonka arrives, however, a man turns up intent on stopping Carissa from making that flight. To make sure she stays put and misses the plane, he ties her to her office chair and gags her. Carissa struggles to free herself without success, but when Vonka arrives, she can see a way out of her predicament. Once Vonka removes her gag, Carissa urges her to untie the ropes quickly, before the man who did this to her returns. Vonka seems almost reluctant to untie the woman, and while she is prevaricating, the man returns and, to make sure she cannot raise the alarm, he ties up Vonka next to Carissa. The two are left bound and gagged, and despite trying to untie one another, they cannot quite reach. Before they get anywhere with their escape attempt, the man returns carrying a couple of dresses. Now that his job is done, he just wants to have some fun. He unties the women and orders them to strip down to their bra and panties, then climb into the dresses he has brought. Faced with little choice, the women comply, only to have their hands tied again, re-gagged, and now blindfolded so that they cannot see where the man is now going to take them.

Taken to the assailant's lair, Vonka and Carissa find themselves hogtied on the floor and blindfolded. Finding comfort in each other's company, they find an attraction growing between them. They move close together, initially intending to try freeing themselves, but end up kissing. When their captor comes back, he pulls them apart and gags them both. This does not deter the two woman, however, and they are soon in close probity again. Unhappy with leaving them on the floor where they have just a little too much mobility, the man decides to tie them to chairs once more. He fails to tie Carissa's hand tightly enough and, after struggling for a while, she is able to free them. She unties herself, then goes to see if the coast is clear, leaving Vonka still tied up. When she returns, Carissa has a ball gag in her hands, and she pushes it into Vonka's mouth. She starts to grope the restrained girl, clearly enjoying herself. This does not last long because their captor returns to find one of his charges free. He takes Carissa away to secure her elsewhere, leaving Vonka alone and unable to escape her bonds.

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All In A Day's Work (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery & Vonka Romanov

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