• Jasmine Is Caught In A Trap (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Jasmine returns to the role of Jasmine Lane, Intrepid Reporter. This time, she meets up with a man she believes will spill the beans on some criminals she is investigating, but he turns out to be one of them and takes her captive. Jasmine has just arrived at the bad guy's hideout and he makes her get out of his vehicle. Hands tied behind her back and a tape gag covering her mouth, Jasmine can do little to resist. Once the gag comes off, however, she makes her feelings known in no uncertain terms. When the bad guy decides he is going to tie her to a chair, she turns and hits him before making a run for it. She almost gets to the Jeep, hoping to hot-wire it to make her escape, but she feels a sting in the butt as a tranqilizer dart strikes home. Jasmine tries to climb into the Jeep, intending to lock the doors if she can make it, but she loses consciousness and drops to the ground. When she recovers, she finds herself tied to a chair and cleave gagged. The bad guy tells her he is going to take her to the bedroom and remove her clothes, stretching her out on the bed ready for the remaining members of the gang to come and have some fun with her. However, Jasmine does not plan on going down that easily.

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Jasmine Is Caught In A Trap (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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