• Eviction Notice (MP4) - Alba Zevon

Alba is James' landlord and he has not been paying his rent because he is unemployed. She knocks at his door but he doesn't answer, trying to avoid her. Alba lets herself in using her own key, talking about evicting James because she is sure he is there listening. While Alba is shuffling through her papers, James grabs her from behind, and she soon finds herself on top of his dining table in a tight hogtie. She tries to reason with him and is answered by a tight cleave gag. James explains that he will soon have a job and will then pay his rent, but in the meantime, Alba will have to stay where she is to stop her evicting him.

Left alone, Alba struggles against the ropes and eventually manages to free herself. She is still in the process of untying her legs when James returns and discovers that she is almost free. He now ties her to a chair, the ropes tighter than ever. When she tries to talk him down, he sticks three strips of duct tape over her mouth to keep her quiet. Alba desperately tries to work the ropes loose again, but this time they will not yield. She is stuck in this dire situation until James is ready to let her go.

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Eviction Notice (MP4) - Alba Zevon

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