• Risk Of Living Alone (MP4) - Monica Jade

Monica arrives home from work and goes about her usual routine. The last thing she expects is to have someone in her home who has plans to grab her and tie her up, keeping her out of his way. While boiling a kettle to make tea, she feels a cloth pressed over her nose and mouth. She struggles desperately but it's no good; she can't pull the cloth away and she is forced to inhale. The world swims away and she falls to the floor, unmoving. When she wakes, she finds herself tied to a chair. She sees her assailant for the first time and demands to know what is going on. Rather than answer her questions, he ties a tight cleave gag between her teeth to muffle her speech, putting a stop to further questions. Monica strains against the ropes holding her, but there is very little give in them. During her struggles, she notices that her purse is still on the chair where she placed it on entering the house, and inside it, she knows, is a phone. She slides her chair across the floor until she is right next to her purse, but she still can't reach it. In her efforts to retrieve it, she accidentally drags it onto the floor, and the sound of it falling alerts her captor.

Not pleased by her attempt to summon the authorities, the intruder decides to restrict Monica even more, by placing her on a hogtie on the floor. When she insults him, he silences her with several strips of duct tape stuck firming over her mouth. He tells her that he only needs her house for a few more hours, and that he will free her before he leaves. This does not stop Monica trying to free herself from the ropes securing her, so the decision is made to use the cloth again and send her off to sleep. Now she can pass the next few hours without struggling, and her captor can now have some peace and quiet.

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Risk Of Living Alone (MP4) - Monica Jade

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