• The Cheating Student (MP4) - Rey and Alba Zevon

Rey is a student seeking last minute help from her professor for a test taking place the next morning. The professor tells her to wait while he goes to get his tablet to use for instruction. In his absence, Rey goes through his desk and finds the test paper. Excited, she starts photographing the pages. The professor's assistant, Alba, enters the room and catches Rey in the act of cheating. She and Rey argue about this until the professor returns, then Alba tells him what the student has been doing. The professor and Alba agree that they can't let Rey mix with the other students because of the risk of her sharing information with them. The decision is made to keep Rey under wraps until after the exam, and pair agree that they need to tie her up and gag her to prevent her leaving or raising the alarm. Rey says that they can't do this to her and that she is leaving. Alba grabs her, placing a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet.

Soon, Rey is tied to a chair, protesting about this treatment. Alba gags her to shut her up, then both she and the professor carry on with their duties. In their absence, Rey struggles to free herself and eventually succeeds in working loose the ropes binding her wrists. She is in the process of untying herself when Alba unexpectedly returns to check on her. Realizing that the student had not been secured tightly enough, Alba places her on the professor's desk and puts her in a hogtie. The ropes are tight this time, and Rey is going nowhere. Rey is trying to reason with Alba, who pushes a cloth into the girls mouth and seals it in with strips of duct tape. After Alba departs, Rey struggles, but this time she makes no progress at all with the ropes. It looks like she will have to stay put for a whole day until the test is over.

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The Cheating Student (MP4) - Rey and Alba Zevon

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