• The Personal Assistant (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Vonka Romanov

Jasmine owns a fashion company, and Vonka has only recently become an employee. Having recently lost her personal assistant to the competition, Jasmine is looking for a replacement and decides on Vonka. Before offering her the job, however, she needs to make sure that Vonka will do what she is told, whatever she is told, however bizarre. When Vonka shows enthusiasm for the position, Jasmine first all begins to grope her, and then makes her kneel down at her feet. Pushing the boundaries a little further, Jasmine produces rope in order to tie up her potential assistant. Being somewhat naive, Vonka remarks that she has not seen any of Jasmine's designs that feature a rope motif. Jasmine is deeply amused by this and sets about binding the girl's wrists and ankles, then folding her into a hogtie. She gags Vonka with duct tape and then confesses that the muse is upon her, and she must go and make notes immediately, leaving Vonka bound and gagged and wondering just how long she is going to be left in bondage.

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The Personal Assistant (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Vonka Romanov

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